Chuck Bartowski (the_intersect) wrote,
Chuck Bartowski

Chuck vs the Real Date

Chuck had been prepping for his date with Sarah all day, and he still didn't feel ready.

He'd made dinner, and while Ellie had generously offered her help, Chuck had insisted on doing it himself. After all, even when they were just pretending to date, he'd thought about making dinner for Sarah lots of times. Somehow, with all of the spy stuff and the running for his life, he'd never gotten around to it.

Of course, there was also the considerable obstacle of Chuck not actually knowing how to cook anything except that one chicken dish. And sandwiches. But sandwiches didn't really count as 'cooking' unless they were talking panini or something in the Reuben family. Either way, Chuck figured he'd go for something different.

So after a little trial and error (mostly error), Chuck had somewhat successfully managed an island version of sizzling shrimp. He was going for nostalgia, since the last time he and Sarah had tried to have sizzling shrimp, that Ben Lo Pan guy had kind of ruined it.

...that and the whole night had actually been An Evening With Morgan. Hopefully, tonight would be a little more romantic.

Fiddling with the collar on his shirt, Chuck paced around his hut, waiting for Sarah to show up. He had a feeling that tonight was either going to be amazing or a complete disaster, and Chuck was more than a little nervous to find out which.
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