Chuck Bartowski (the_intersect) wrote,
Chuck Bartowski

[For Ellie]

Chuck was well-aware that he probably looked a little crazy walking down the path with an armful of baby clothes, but when he'd been in the compound looking for baby stuff for Ellie and Madeline, he hadn't thought about what would happen when he'd inevitably need to transport it all from the compound. They were tiny clothes, he had man-sized hands, it should have been an easy trip.

As it was, there was a trail of clothes behind Chuck, starting somewhere near where he'd gone off of the main path to head back to his sister's hut and ending just outside the door of the Woodcomb hut, where Chuck stood, holding a noticeably smaller bundle of clothes than he'd started out with. As small as baby clothes were, Chuck was convinced that they were somehow slipperier than regular clothes.

Or...something. Either way, this was ridiculous.

Repositioning the last of his finds in his arms, he knocked on the door with his foot.
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