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Don't Freak Out.

Chuck Bartowski
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The Intersect.

Chuck Bartowski is from NBC's Chuck. He arrives on the island during the climactic moment of episode 1x09: Chuck vs. The Imported Hard Salami.

Casey: This is how this is gonna work. I'm gonna go over there, rescue Sarah, capture Dr. Zarnow, shoot anybody who gets in my way. You, you're gonna stay here.
Chuck: So in this plan I basically do nothing?
Casey: Yup.
Chuck: Let's do this.
*One white, short sleeved button down shirt
*One white, cotton undershirt
*One grey tie
*One black belt
*One pair of black slacks, in pockets:
**One silver cell phone (Nokia N80, 75 percent battery)
**One small screw-driver
**One set of keys (one to his apartment, two to the Buy More stock room, one to the Herder)
**One black wallet (one State of California driver's license, assorted other cards, $15.23, one slip of paper with the number 96 on it, from Lou's Deli)
*One pair white socks
*One pair black Converse high top sneakers, or ‘chucks’
*One computer, with the secrets of the CIA and NSA, formerly known at ‘The Intersect Computer’, the contents of which are now stored in his brain.

I am not Zachary Levi or Chuck Bartowski. Chuck is the property of NBC and Warner Brothers, and no profit is being made from the existence of this journal. It's all for fun at the_blank_slate. Seriously. Don't freak out.
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