Chuck Bartowski (the_intersect) wrote,
Chuck Bartowski

[For Sarah]

Despite having lived in California for so long, Chuck couldn't help but like the snow. This was the third year in a row that he'd gone through one of the island's unnaturally cold winters, and when he really sat down and thought about it, he was pretty sure he'd miss it when things went back to normal. The change of scenery was always nice, and hey, there'd been a frickin train this year. He hadn't gotten around to riding it himself, but it was still pretty cool.

So, knowing that the snow was probably in its last week- at least, if this year worked how the past two had- Chuck figured it probably couldn't hurt to try his hand at building a snowman. Or, as he'd realized that he'd added a beard to said snowman, a Snow Morgan.

Hm. Maybe he'd try for a Snow Casey next.
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