Chuck Bartowski (the_intersect) wrote,
Chuck Bartowski

[Dated to 5/22]

If someone had told Chuck two years ago that he'd eventually be celebrating his one year anniversary with Sarah, he might have told them they were crazy.

Not that he hadn't hoped that one day that would be the case, but for a long time, all of this seemed so far-fetched. The beautiful woman of his dreams actually felt the same way about him that he felt about her? It was kind of amazing.

So, when Chuck had realized that he and Sarah's one year anniversary was coming up, he knew he wanted it to be special. Not just dinner at the Winchester or grabbing something at the compound, but something special.

He'd picked flowers, lots of flowers and set them up near a picnic on the beach. He knew that gardenias were her favorite flower, so he'd tried to get as many of them as possible. He'd cooked too, and while that might have been classified as some sort of disaster under normal circumstances, Chuck couldn't help but think that he'd gotten better at it since the last time he'd tried it. At least this time, he'd given up on his dad's old recipes and had gone for something as close to chicken parmesian as he could manage.

With a bouquet of a few more gardenias in his hand, Chuck knocked on the door of Sarah's hut, already about to break into a grin.
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